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[suse-security] Query - Remote XDMCP Sessions


I am mailing this here as I think this problem may be a firewall problem.

My rig: Pentium4 running SUSE Linux 8 Standard Server, single integrated
network card.

I have installed the standard SUSE 8 server installation. I am using the
server within a secured corporate network.

 I managed to get XDMCP working a few days ago (for remote desktop logins
to the server). I reloaded the server to change my partitions and now I
find that no matter what I do I cannot get XDMCP to work anymore.

- I have made the relevant/standard XDMCP changes required. (I have run
XDMCP on SUSE before and on Red Hat Linux)
- I am using Cygwin32 client on PC. I have used this same installation of
Cygwin32 to connect to SUSE before and to connect to Red Hat so I know it
- I have the firewall disabled on my PC (XP is my OS)
- I have disabled the Firewall on the Linux box using YaST2
- I have enabled Remote Graphical Logins in YaST2 (I note that this
checkbox always unchecks itself when I return to the YaST2 screen - I
assume this is a security related thing).

Query: I have noted that SUSE8.0 Standard Server offers a standard server
installation and a 3rd party installation option. Is there any difference
in the firewalling and the firewalling settings between the two
installations? Can anyone offer me any advice? I am going crazy...

                          Jonathan Hughes                                  
                          Tech Support Specialist                          
                          MCP / MCSD                                       
                          Goodyear South Africa                            

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