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[suse-security] CVS is broken after last update on SuSE 8.2

Hi folks,

Kevin Brannen wrote:

You're misinterpreting the source of the error; it's not Suse, it's CVS. The CVS developers have changed the default action in seveal areas "recently", IIRC. So as Suse pulls those patches in for the updates, you get the "new features". Goto http://www.csvhome.org and check out the some of the changelogs, FAQs, and those sorts of docs.

This is not true. SuSE backports (security) fixes from newer software releases to the "old" release, that was distributed with the SuSE version you own. This is to ensure that your system works correctly after patching. Putting new software releases / features could mean, that software that depends on the package wont run after the update.

The fixed SuSE package should just eliminate the security flaw, not change anything else (thats whats the backporting of fixes is for, its not just copy and paste, its backporting).


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