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[suse-security] openvpn samba question (sshd keep alive cont..)


On 29/04/2004 I asked for the sshd keep alive option of ssh.
In that days I used the KeepAlive and ClientAliveInterval without success.
Some people told me about other alternatives like ipsec, openvpn., well
I have began to use openvpn and it works very fine, I can connect to the vncserver, cvs etc etc now I also want to share my samba volumes through the vpn, but I can reach the samba server. From my windows I try to connect to the server but It´s like there isn´t any samba on the ip
Perhaps there is something wrong on my vpnconfig or in my smb.conf file
¿any idea?

I run this comand to make the vpn
in my windows:
"c:\archivos de programa\openvpn\bin\openvpn.exe" --remote SERVER --dev tap --ifconfig --verb 3 --secret "c:\archivos de programa\openvpn\config\key.txt"
in the linux
/usr/local/sbin/openvpn --remote MYPC --dev tap --ifconfig --verb 3 --secret key.txt

Emiliano Sutil García

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