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[suse-security] Problems with recent SuSE 8.0 patches

Hi !

I have a problem with the recent kdelibs3 update on my SuSE 8.0 
servers. The dependency checking gives me the following error message:

error: failed dependencies:
        kdelibs3 = 3.0.5 is needed by kdelibs3-devel-3.0.5-28
        kdelibs3 >= 3.0.3 is needed by kdebase3-3.0.4-76

Does anyone have the same problem ? What is going wrong there ?

The last ethereal patch also failed with the error message:

error: failed dependencies:
        libethereal.0 is needed by ethereal-0.10.3-10
        libwiretap.0 is needed by ethereal-0.10.3-10

Dear suse people, will this problem be fixed or do I have to live with 
the older packages ?


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