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Re: [suse-security] openvpn samba question (sshd keep alive cont..)

Praise wrote:

Alle 19:49, martedì 25 maggio 2004, Manuel Balderrábano ha scritto:
Hi, you need to configure a bridge on the openvpn Server.

Read this links from openvpn:


Hope it helps!

There is no need for a bridging configuration.
I have it working without it.
Without a bridging configuration a WINS server helps a lot, and local master browsers should usually be the gateways.

If you do not have a complex vpn, bridging should be easier.


I´d prefer not to use bridging configuration (I have try it without success, and I have halted the server several times, aghh... )
But I don´t understand how I can do it.
When I open the vpn I can ping the server, in fact If I use smbclient -L server (vpn address) -U user, I get response from it,
but I cant see the server from the windows explorer.
I also have put the name and ip in the lmhosts.sam file but it doesn´t work

any suggestion?


Emiliano Sutil García

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