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Re: AW: AW: AW: AW: [suse-security] openvpn samba question (sshd keep alive cont..)

Rasp, Robert wrote:

Try this:
Change the IP in the lmhosts file to the

This doesn´t work at all it trys to connect to my PC, and gives an error.

I thought the is the internal IP from your Server :-(
Place the internal IP of your Server in the "lmhosts"

nothing, If I put the internal IP in the lmhosts I can´t reach by name the server. Also all the services that works stop to work, because
this ip is interpreted as local to my subnet.

The smb.conf seems to be ok. But i can see that you hava a WINS-Server.
Have you confgured all your clients to use the LINUXSERVER as  WINS-Server.
With this option the networkbrowsing is much more faster....

No I haven´t configured that, in fact I don´t know how to configure that.

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