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[suse-security] NFS over SSH


  I'm desperately trying to set up a secure file sharing server.  It should
  support both user authentification and data encryption.  It will run in a
  non-secure LAN and provide about 15 users with their home directories.

  My first idea was to use NFS over SSH.  However, for this you need to
  specify the ports rpc / nfs /nfslock use.  It seems that in SuSE there is
  no way of specifying the nfslock port, is this correct?  What am I doing
  wrong?  How to do NFS over SSH in SuSE?

  Samba would also be a possibility, however there are a couple of problems
  with that one:

    1) problem with high UID's, we have UIDs >> 65535 and the mounted samba
    shares do not get proper permissions

    2) is it true that Samba does not support special files (like sockets),
    thus rendering this file system unusable for the purpose of mounting
    home directories to use e.g. with KDE (which needs to create sockets)?

  Am I wrong?  What other possibilities are there?  

  Best regards,

  January Weiner

------------ January Weiner 3  ---------------------+---------------  
Division of Bioinformatics, University of Muenster  |  Schloßplatz 4
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