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Re: [suse-security] NFS over SSH

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, January Weiner wrote:

>   I'm desperately trying to set up a secure file sharing server.  It should
>   support both user authentification and data encryption.  It will run in a
>   non-secure LAN and provide about 15 users with their home directories.
>   My first idea was to use NFS over SSH.  However, for this you need to
>   specify the ports rpc / nfs /nfslock use.  It seems that in SuSE there is
>   no way of specifying the nfslock port, is this correct?  What am I doing
>   wrong?  How to do NFS over SSH in SuSE?
>   Samba would also be a possibility, however there are a couple of problems
>   with that one:
>     1) problem with high UID's, we have UIDs >> 65535 and the mounted samba
>     shares do not get proper permissions

Haven't been a problem for a couple of years, as far as I can gather,
definitely shouldn't be for Samba 3.  Changed rather shortly after 
kernel 2.4 appeared supporting UiDs > 65535.  Haven't tested this 
myself, just did a quick google just now.


>     2) is it true that Samba does not support special files (like sockets),
>     thus rendering this file system unusable for the purpose of mounting
>     home directories to use e.g. with KDE (which needs to create sockets)?

Not true.  'Unix extension = yes' in smb.conf solves this, the problem 
with KDE is that it has odd (':' in particular) characters in filenames, 
this is solved by also setting 'mangled names = no'.  Gnome, on the
other hand, uses a file locking strategy which is broken with sambamount.
Setting an environment variable GCONF_LOCAL_LOCKS=1 for the user moves the
file locking to /tmp and makes Gnome useable, though the solution isn't

>   Am I wrong?  What other possibilities are there?  

Someone suggested VPN, which can force the user to authenticate to get an
IP address - at which point IP security all of a sudden deserves to 
contain the word "security" in it.  

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