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[suse-security] T-Online abuse address ignoring complaints

For the past two months, I have received many automated warnings that 
supposedly my mailserver was sending spam and/or virusses.

It turned out quickly that the real sender of this junk is a T-Online user 
with a dialup account who sends out daily runs of probably his/her whole 
addressbook and sometimes spoofs the e-mail address I used to subscribe to 
this list. The person may be reading this list, so if your IP address today 
is 'pD951F606.dip.t-dialin.net[]', you badly need to clean up 
your system. I has been sending virusses steadily since March 19th.

I have sent numerous complaints about this to the abuse address of T-Online 
and T-IPnet already, with logfiles indicating the times and IP addresses from 
where the junk came from. To no avail, they have done nothing so far, other 
than complaining once about the encoding of the attachments, which they 
thought was base64 while in fact it was 7bit (readable in any mailreader).

What other options do I have to stop this system for further distributing 

Best regards,

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