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[suse-security] about ssh tunnels (-R option)


I´m trying to make inverse ssh tunnels to access the vnc server of a client machine.

MYPC   ------------------->SSH server ---------------->PC

vncserver - Internet --publicIP - PrivateIP -------  vncviewer	

To do this I use this command:

ssh -f -C -N -g -R 5910: PublicIP (ssh server)

My problem is that with this command the socket that listen on the SSH server is on the localhost interface so If I connect to the ssh server and run vncviewer I reach the vncserver on MYPC, but if run from the PC machine vncviewer I can´t connect because it does not accept connections to that interface at the 5910 port.

finally, my question is that is it possible to allow the connection from de PC machine so I reach the vncserver in MYPC machine


P.D: My latest test with openvpn works very well, I make a openvpn connection from MYPC to PC and I reach the vncserver without any problem,
but now I want to do the same with ssh,

Emiliano Sutil

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