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Re: [suse-security] T-Online abuse address ignoring complaints


On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 12:57, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> Gideon Hallett wrote:
>  > I've come to the conclusion that t-online (and especially t-dialin)
>  > users are a wretched hive of scum and villainy; and that the company
>  > itself simply doesn't care.
> Nonsense. The T-Com dialin infrastructure is the base of a huge number
> number of non-permanent internet connections, both for private and for
> business use (modems, DSL, etc.). T-Online and other German ISPs buy
> connectivity from T-Com. Among these users are, if you permit the pun,
> the good, the bad and the ugly -- just like everywhere else in the
> world.

That's certainly true. But also true is that T-Online doesn not react to
reports about the bad behaviour of some of their customers.

>  > If I could convince my bosses that blocking t-online ranges at the
>  > border was a good idea, I'd have a much easier job as a sysadmin.

That can't be the solution. Whoever needs to take such measures has
already failed at setting up and secure a proper network.

> If you could convice your bosses to do so, I'd very much doubt their
> intelligence. Why not block China or the USA aswell? Why not live on
> an IT island? Millions of people suffer from viruses spoofing sender
> addresses, and in every country there are infected computers. There is
> no "realm of evil" that can be isolated.

So sometimes it would make the job so much easier by just blcoking
packets from certain operating system types :-o

>  > I for one would particularly like to find whoever was
>  > (pD9EAA70E.dip.t-dialin.net) at 23:53 on 14/5/04 and point out to
>  > them that what they were doing was illegal and punishable by time in
>  > prison.

Maybe in your country. You have to find out whether the person actually
broke German law. But I have to agree that it's pointless to contact
T-Online. They never reacted to my complaints either.

I find T-Online addresses to be the common mixture like most other
providers too. What's really disturbing are those senseless university
networks where almost every IP from a given range seems to be affected
by some worm or other and is hammering away against my firewall...
That's where operating system related packet dropping would come in

Tobias W.

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