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Re: [suse-security] T-Online abuse address ignoring complaints

* Ralph Seichter; <mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxx> on 05 Jun, 2004 wrote:
Gideon Hallett wrote:
> I for one would particularly like to find whoever was
> (pD9EAA70E.dip.t-dialin.net) at 23:53 on 14/5/04 and point out to
> them that what they were doing was illegal and punishable by time in
> prison.

Oh boy... I advise you have a beer and get some sleep.

Make it two and also make sure they are cold as well. As far as I am
concerned if you are dealing with T-online or T-com or T-mobile (in
other words Deucthe Telekom) you need lots of patience, and no I do not
believe you will get an answer even if you do have the patience. Hence
get ice cold beers relax If they are not causing harm to your system but
just annoying you remember relax, drink beer if it continues drink
another it doesn't worth the hassle with T-*
No, do not get drunk :-)


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