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[suse-security] SHFS (was NFS over SSH)

Hi January,

i'm using shfs a lot for sending and retrieving hard disk images via network in a secure way. This works like a charm for me, even for very big files. The "clients" are only running a debian on a ramdisk. Performance is fine.

I noticed a bug (although i dont have the most recent shfs on my recovery boot cd) in shfs. Sometimes when you edit a file on the server side and the has accessed in before hand, accessing the file on the client again will give you the old file (seems to be a issue with file caching, checksums or timestamps). If that is an issue in your setup, you may want to check this first. Also shfs does not support "sparse files", although in a common setup you should not need this.


January Weiner wrote:

I have played now with shfs for a couple of days.  Well, the code is maybe
not very mature (I had to correct the high UID issue here as well), and the
performance remains to be tested, but at least for some purposes it is
really great, and it is by far the easiest solution to configure and use.
And the really nice thing about is that you do not need to configure or
install anything on the server side.

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