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Re: [suse-security] NFS over SSH


Bjorn Tore Sund wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, January Weiner wrote:
> >   - the automatic mounting of USB devices with "sync" option --
> > welcome back to floppy-and-DOS-era  (why not mount the hard disk
> > that way, too?)
> Hadn't noticed, what's the problem?

- I think it appears to be much slower since you have to wait (i. e. for 
  the next prompt) until the data is written - in opposite to nosync 
  whitch writes to the cache very fast and syncs to the disk in 

- USB sticks, CF cards, ... can only be written a limited number of
  times. With sync option, the directory indexes get updated more often
  (every time you do something with one file - copying of 100 files may 
  mean 100 writes) and the lifetime of your USB stick may be reduced.
  There was an interesting discussion about this in suse-linux some time
  ago. If you understand German, you can find details in the list


Christian Boltz
D: is just a data disk.  That's why it's called "D", for "DATA".
C: is the Windows OS disk, so it's called "C", for "CRAP".
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