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Re: [suse-security] NFS over SSH

Quoting Christian Boltz <suse-security@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Bjorn Tore Sund wrote:
> > On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, January Weiner wrote:
> [...]
> > >   - the automatic mounting of USB devices with "sync" option --
> > > welcome back to floppy-and-DOS-era  (why not mount the hard disk
> > > that way, too?)
> >
> > Hadn't noticed, what's the problem?
> - I think it appears to be much slower since you have to wait (i. e. for
>   the next prompt) until the data is written - in opposite to nosync
>   whitch writes to the cache very fast and syncs to the disk in
>   background.
> - USB sticks, CF cards, ... can only be written a limited number of
>   times. With sync option, the directory indexes get updated more often
>   (every time you do something with one file - copying of 100 files may
>   mean 100 writes) and the lifetime of your USB stick may be reduced.
>   There was an interesting discussion about this in suse-linux some time
>   ago. If you understand German, you can find details in the list
>   archives.

I believe it's probably a good idea to have "sync" on as the default.  Casual
users will find it useful.  That said, if you're planning on using it for any
length of time, put an entry in the fstab and mount it properly.

The speed difference between 'sync' and normal is INCREDIBLE.  I've recently be
using USB hard drives.  When I first plugged them in, I had them mounted with
sync.  I doubt they were writing at even 1 meg/sec.  Far too slow to get
anything done.  Remove the 'sync' option and they function just like regular
hard drives.  Not quite as fast (I wouldn't want to put a swap partition on
one), but very reasonable for data storage.

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