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[suse-security] Pam_mount on SuSe 9.1

I am trying to install SuSE 9.1 as a workstation in a NT 4 Domain network.

The default suse 9.1 install installed winbind etc, and configured them
 allowing me to log on to ssh with a NT username and password.

I now want to configure pam_mount to mount a subdirectory of the unix home
 directory as the NT home directory.

I had configured this on an old SuSE 8.1 box, so I think /etc/pam_mount.conf
 should be OK.

However, having added auth and session lines for pam_mount into
 /etc/pam.d/sshd I can only get to the stage that in /var/log/messages I see

pam_mount: error trying to retrieve authtok from auth code

How do I enable pam_mount?

My /etc/pam.d/sshd file is as follows

auth     required       pam_unix2.so    set_secrpc
auth     required       pam_nologin.so
auth     required       pam_env.so
auth     optional       pam_mount.so    use_first_pass
account  required       pam_unix2.so
account  required       pam_nologin.so
password required       pam_pwcheck.so
password required       pam_unix2.so    use_first_pass use_authtok
session  required       pam_unix2.so    # trace or debug
session  required       pam_limits.so
session  optional       pam_mount.so    use_first_pass
# Enable the following line to get resmgr support for
# ssh sessions (see /usr/share/doc/packages/resmgr/README.SuSE)
#session  optional      pam_resmgr.so fake_ttyname


Rob Keeling

I love deadlines.   I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.
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