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Re: [suse-security] Port 53 denying Clamav update

> am no expert but I am inclined to agree with the former.  "nmap" only
> shows ports 22, 25, 111 and 631 open to TCP and I am unable to telnet to
> loclhost via port 53.  If this is the case, can anyone tell me (in
> simple terms for a newbie) how I can open up  port 53?

Dear Gervase (or whatever your realname my be),

if this is serious question, try to post in a newbie-list, not in
suse-security! Your box does not offer any services on port 53 udp or tcp,
so you can´t connect/open them! You won´t be able to post this question if
someone blocks your DNS-ports, so your Firewall-setup is o.k.

Thorsten Hahn
dbtec networks gmbh

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