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Re: [suse-security] Port 53 denying Clamav update

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Thorsten Hahn wrote:
> Dear Gervase (or whatever your realname my be),
> if this is serious question, try to post in a newbie-list, not in
> suse-security! Your box does not offer any services on port 53 udp or tcp,
> so you can´t connect/open them! You won´t be able to post this question if
> someone blocks your DNS-ports, so your Firewall-setup is o.k.

Dear Thorsten,

I think you are being rather harsh. Where is it written that newbies are
not allowed to post to the security list? As long as the question is
security-related he has just as much right as anyone else.

He is trying to get a security program to work, and he has asked for help
on a different list. There he was advised (or misadvised) that his
firewall setup was at fault so naturally he tried a security list.

In my opinion we should value messages from end-users about security
problems. There is a fantastic amount of technical expertise on this list
but security is much more than just solving technical problems. Our
systems will never be secure if we cannot empathise with the people who
actually use them.

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