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[suse-security] Re: automatischer ssh-login ohne key-exchange

Hello Christian, hello list,

* Christian Boltz wrote on Jun/11/2004:

> Hello,
> Am Freitag, 4. Juni 2004 10:00 schrieb Andreas Wagner:
> > is somebody aware of a way to automate a ssh-login (script-wise or
> > via another application) when the remote sshd doesn't provide
> > key-based authentication?
> > I want to do automated downloads via sftp, but the ftp servers sshd
> > keeps asking for my password... (But then, it's not so vital to have
> > it automated, it would just be nice.)
> Have a look at   expect   and   autoexpect (and their man pages).
> Disadvantage: You have to write the password in cleartext in a 
> scriptfile on your harddisk.

Thanks a lot for the hint. I figured out how to do it with an expect
script. Now I'm sure I'll be finding a solution for restricting access
to that script as well.

> BTW: Are you able to upload files to the server? Then it would be worth 
> a try to upload a .ssh/authorized_keys file to your home directory ;-)

I *did* try that. The problem was that while I could log into the telnet
server, the (s)ftp server that hosts the file I want to download mirrors
my homedir with all the necessary stuff, but is not set up to allow for
key-based authentication. And is not going to be so for a while, the
admin told me.

> Gruß
> Christian Boltz

Thanks a lot again. This has been on my mind for quite some time now.

Andreas Wagner

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