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Re: [suse-security] Re: Kernel versions 2.2.x are also affected by new Kernel bug!

Hi Scott,

Scott Jones wrote:

| The bug is classified "Gravierend" in Heise Newsticker, which I do
| not fully comply with. This is a post-auth local DoS that there
| exist

many of

| these days. All of those have a simple cure: userdel -r.

And what about hosting providers with thousands of clients? User can
upload exploit via ftp and execute it via httpd.
Internet Service Providers have to userdel -r too?

Not just "yes", but "hell, yes". For one, if you have a user/customer that would do that to your system, you don't need them, no matter how much they pay. Also, most hosting TOS/AUPs prohibit that kind of behavior. If I had a customer who did that to my system, his account would be cancelled and his name given to the other ISPs and hosting providers in town before that machine was finished rebooting.

I wounder how you'd find that out before that machine has rebooted? The problem is not that this user might do it again (userdel -r will prevent him from doing that), but if he does it once that'll do enough harm. And it won't be so easy to find out who did it. I agree with Boris - I'd feel better with a patch.



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