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[suse-security] Kernel update hangs system!

I experienced an unpleasant side affect with the latest kernel update for SuSE 
9.1. One (older Pentium-S system) hangs early in the boot process after 
installing this update. Rolling back to the version supplied on the 
installation disks fixed this. The strange thing is, this didn't happen on 
any of the newer systems update before or afterwards, just this one.

I can't find a reason why, but on a second try it resulted in the same 
behavior. Locked solid, even after waiting for over an hour. Keyboard dead, 
only responded to the power button. The last lines in the boot log read

Setting up network interfaces:

Any suggestions on how to find out what goes wrong here? Since I only have 
trusted local users, I'm not so worried about the implications of not having 
the latest kernel, but sure I would like to know what happened. I'm using the 
default kernel on this system.


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