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Re: [suse-security] Kernel update hangs system!


this is excactly the same Problem I had. I had to disable the remount entry 
in /etc/boot.rootfsck to get the System booting again. Of course nothing 
wanted to work without write support to the system. But at least I got it up 
again an could solve the problem after a while. Anyhow.. as soon as I made a 
mount -n -o remount,rw / the HDD Led was constantly on and the system hanged. 
Sorry for my angry post yesterday.. I had a long day and came home just to 
see that my server is broken and I had to spend 3 hours in the cellar to get 
it working again. A bit frustrating ;o). So anyhow here are some data of my 

PII 266 Mhz
Ausu Board (Don't know the Model right now)
128MB Ram
2,5GB HDD (So I can accknowleage the guessing of John with old HDD's) ()
Voodoo III Graphic Card
2 Networkcards -> One internal one to the DSL Modem

My Partitions on the HDD are:

25MB     ext3  /boot
512MB  swap   Swapspace
1,9GB   ext3  /

Kernelversion was the newest Kernel from YOU. 



Am Freitag, 18. Juni 2004 07:20 schrieb Stefan Proels:
> Hi,
> I have a similar problem on one of my machines running SuSE Linux 9.1. The
> boot process hangs right after fsck has completed and reported all 4
> drives as clean. The machine is not completely locked up, the terminal
> scrolls down when I press Return, it just doesn't continue to boot.
> Booting in failsafe mode leads to the same result.
> I have updated another SuSE 9.1 machine which boots up fine. Besides both
> machines are running 9.1 they are somewhat different, though.
> Working Machine:
> P4 3200 with 875P Chipset
> 1 GB RAM
> 3ware IDE-RAID controller with 4 drives attached
> Hardware RAID 10
> reiserfs
> Machine which fails to boot:
> Athlon 3200 XP with nForce2 Chipset
> 1 GB RAM
> 2 IDE drives attached to the mainboard controllers
> 2 IDE drives attached to a Promise Ultra100TX2 PCI controller
> Boot device on the Promise controller
> no RAID
> all partitions ext3
> Best regards,
> Stefan

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