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Re: [suse-security] Kernel update hangs system!

John Andersen wrote:

On Thursday 17 June 2004 14:00, Roman Drahtmueller wrote:

I had the same problem with my server! It took me nearly 3 hours to
figure out what was wrong and to roll back to the standard kernel from
CD. I found out, that the kernel hangs as soon as the harddrive is
mounted with write support! I don't know why.. it makes no sens. I too
have an other System where it works perfectly. So SuSE Team! Fix this
Bug! Its really anoying!!!!! I wont install the next kernelpatch until
its tested and veryfied! I've better things to waste my time on!
Your anger and dispair understood, but that kernel is tested, and we can't
reproduce it here.

Unfortunately, you don't even tell us which kernel package you're using,
which filesystem types you are mounting, what type of hardware you have
built in your box, ...

This is a little more complicated than showing a broken "!" key.


Several posts in the SuSE Linux English list seem to suggest
this is related to machines useing older drives, often with reiserfs,
although some users report other FS also hang, but again
with older drives (4 - 10 gig ).  Probably more related to the chipset
than the drive, but I'm guessing here.

My 4 year old pizza box hangs too after upgrading.
It stays forever in the fsck of the root fs (reiserfs).

Is there a known workaround already?


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