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Re: [suse-security] Kernel update hangs system!

Hi Markus,

I'm about to extend fou4s to backup the old kernel, install the new, and copy the old one back (necessary for /lib/modules). It will also warn if you haven't rebooted after an update. I only have to think about a way, that only the last working kernel is kept, and not the last 10 ;-)
But it shouldn't be too hard.

I'll be happy to update for that!

The 2nd question is, why there are only rpms to download? Not everyone knows how extract the sources from a rpm-file.

And not everyone knows how to extract a tar file? I think that this is pointless ("There will always be a greater idiot").

Yes, there will be, but still it's good practise to keep the old kernel. RedHat always did for me, and there where times when it's needed. Besides - everyone has started at one time and we where happy as hell to not have more stones in our way back then ;-).



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