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Re: [suse-security] Postfix connect to localhost connection refused

Al Bogner wrote:

Am Dienstag, 22. Juni 2004 19:13 schrieb Emiliano Sutil:

I have installed posfix-2.0.19 on a Suse 9.1 and I have a problem
when I try to send mails using this server as outgoing smtp

I had problems too and I mention, what I checked.

Did you activate in runlevel-editor amavisd and spamd?
Did you configure amavisd.conf (virus checking is deacitvated by default) Does the firewall block you mails? I deacivated the firewall for the clients and of course not for the gateway.

here I configured in main.cf:
inet_interfaces = ::1 (the ip-address can be important!)
content_filter = smtp:[]:10024



Yes you are right I have it but I haven´t configured anything yet. Now for the moment I want to be able to post emails normally, now, I´m not. I´m going to disable the amavisd for the moment and when I have all the server configured I´ll try with it

Thanks very much, I have two days with this problem and I dont think about amavis at all


Emiliano Sutil

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