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Re: [suse-security] what has become of the latest kernel hang/freeze bug?

> I don't think it is directly related to the harddrives themselves. I have a
> couple of 30GB drives (from the same batch) in different machines. On some
> machines, the kernel update freezes the machine, while on others, it works
> just fine. With identical harddrives and wiring. I'd say it has something
> to do with the chipset on the motherboard.

I have four machines running 9.1 here. Three (slightly older ones) work
fine with the new kernel (one Asus Centrino Notebook, one older P4 and
a Duron box). With the fourth one (Athlon64, ASUS K8V) I experience the 
problem. My first thought
was, that it could have something to do with SATA, as the three running ones
don't have it. On the other hand, if You have problems with older machines...
But I agree that it probably has to do with the chipset though.


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