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Re: [suse-security] what has become of the latest kernel hang/fre eze bug?

Hi Jason,

I needed such a CD 3 days ago because of broken boot-sector. I found nothing from SuSE about that, but this solved my problem:




Counts, Jason wrote:
I had a problem last night with the 2.4.21-226 rpm update. I am running SuSE
9.0 Pro on a Dell 1750 2x/2.8Ghz P4 Intel CPUs, with 1GB of RAM. PERC 4/di
RAID controllers, 3x/36GB drives, two are in RAID5, the other is
stand-alone.  I have 5 of these machines with identical hardware
One machine is a dev box, the other is a staging box, and three more
machines that make up my production environment. I updated the dev box using
the procedures given in the kernel update advisory.

rpm -Uhv --nodeps --force <kernel update rpm>

It gave the standard output of a successful update, and rebooted

When I ran the same procedure on my staging server, it never came back up.
I suspect the initrd didn't install correctly. Could I please get a link to
the procedure for re-installing the initrd in 9.0? Preferably from a CDROM.
Thanks in advance.


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