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[suse-security] Latest Tripwire Update Borked

Just like the first release of tripwire for SuSE 9.0, the recent security
update, 2.3.1-184 segfaults.

[ root@shadow ] ~# rpm -q tripwire
[ root@shadow ] ~# tripwire --check
Parsing policy file: /etc/tripwire/tw.pol
*** Processing Unix File System ***
Performing integrity check...
Software interrupt forced exit: Segmentation Fault

I get the same results on two separate machines, one 2x/P2-333 and one P4-1.7. 
Both systems had been using the previous version of tripwire without any
problems, and both are running 9.0.  (I haven't purchased 9.1 due to issues I
have with th 2.6 kernel that are outside SuSE's control)  I am not going to
update any of my production servers with this borked version of tripwire, so
those are the only two systems tested.

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