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Re: [suse-security] what has become of the latest kernel hang/freeze bug?

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Philippe Vogel wrote:

> > > I misunderstood your question, then.  I wasn't aware these updated
> > > kernels had problems - I have 3 9.0 and 1 9.1 systems that don't have
> > > any problems running these kernels.
> I don't have any problems on one box, because Yast fails to install the
> patch (maybe depending on the fact, that our T1 line broke during the
> update).
> Maybe good or bad or vice versa?

Depends on which bugs you like and which you don't.  I never hesitate
to get a bugfix or security update in, including on the kernel.  Since
the download and installation happen sequentially, if the download 
breaks the rpm should be broken enough that YOU doesn't try to use it.
Something must have broken during the actual installation of the patch.

I'd seriously consider downloadin the full kernel-rpm and update with 
rpm -Uhv to make sure you have a clean kernel install, not a partial
installation of the one or the other.  Choose the kernel you like.

> > I think we've found it.
> > If you feel like, please try out the kernels of the day (kotd), to be
> > found at http://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/kernel/kotd/i386/.
> >
> > There is a kernel update pending to fix the hangs that you might see under
> > some circumstances. And there are some more things in the queue for this
> > update...
> Ah this time we have no announcement and officially we are testing
> everything we get from the list or what?

There is a broken kernel update, the kernel before that has a security
bug.  Roman has given you the choice of which of three evils is the 
lesser one for you and you're complaining because there's no longer
just two evil options?

> I don't want to be a beta-tester at all or I switch to debian.

And debian is bug-free, the people behind being perfect people who
never make mistakes?  Sheesh, get real.

> <A little bit angry about the updatepolicy of SuSE with buggy updates the
> last time>

It's not the first mistake they've done, it won't be the last.  As
soon as they get feedback that they've made a mistake they do a 
quick fix and both test it themselves and ask for volunteers to do
so.  They're professional and serious and doing their best - and 
they're doing no worse than any competitors.

> P.S.: Please fix the grub setup-problem with scsi and ataraid after
> installation I cannot boot correctly (I know how to set this up correctly,
> but it nerves me).

I've done quite a few scsi installations with 9.1 by now, without
any problems.  What's wrong?

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