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Re: [suse-security] Problems writting to Promise disk

On Sunday 27 June 2004 23:43, Emiliano Sutil wrote:
> I don´t understand when you say "use the LINUX software RAID instead."
> How I do that? Can you explain me
> more detailed what I have to do

You need to search your installed help files for the software raid howto,
which is also on the net.

The advantages of software raid is 
 you can combine any types of disk into a raid, scsi, ide, etc.  
 you are not limited by the speed of the hardware controller
     (CPUs are much faster today and can do this work better than
      most hardware controllers, and speed scales up when you  
      upgrade machines, but the hardware controller is never going
      to get any faster than it is right now.)
 very bullit proof, tested over many years.
 No need to wait for drivers to be released

  A bit more work to set up

John Andersen

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