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Re: [suse-security] Problems writting to Promise disk

On Monday 28 June 2004 04:59, Carlos Costa e Silva wrote:
> Sorry about the previous post. Fumbling fingers sent the mail by
> mistake.
> I've just installed a software raid SuSE 9.1 server and it was a breeze.
> When the installer arrives at the partitioning phase, look around in the
> (advanced?) dropdowns and there's an option to make partitions of type
> FWIW, I created two identical swap partitions (one on each drive) and
> then created the RAID partition on the first drive. The installer then
> asked and auto created the identical partition in the other drive.
> Don't know if it's this simple in previous SuSE versions.
> Carlos

Its been that easy since (at least) 8.2, and I've been running the 
same software raid since 7.2.  
Back in the 7.2 days I set it up with the howto rather than yast.
Its virtually bullit proof.  I use raid 1 (mirroring) only.

John Andersen

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