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Re: [suse-security] Found file in /dev: "h"


Manfred Rebentisch wrote:
Hackers going on to make the internet unusable.

I cannot agree: Open your door at home and wait until the thiefes come in - so, is the way to your house unusable 'cause someone could use it to come in? No. You lock the door to keep them out (I think you do) and so you should do with your IT environment. Lock the door.

IMHO poorly written programs and unpatched clients make the internet unusable. Do you remember SQL-Slammer? The patch was published about 184 days before the worm hit the internet. Sasser? 17 days before, IIRC.

It our turn to patch and secure our systems instead of blaming others.

Just my 2eurocents

P.S.: There's a difference between 'hacker' and 'cracker', see http://www.netlingo.com/right.cfm?term=cracker and

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