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Re: [suse-security] Recomendations for surveillance/configuration/heartbeat tool for remote servers


thanks for responses. I guess webmin could satisfy most of my needs. My
situation is something like that:
- we intend to have servers based on linux located in buildings (mostly
private homes) - they run video surveillance when in alarm mode and
automation/IP telephony/multimedia stuff when users are in building. We
would like to remotely watch and maintain those servers, but also have some
sort of heartbeat security feature - so to respond to situation where server
doesn't send any heartbeat for some time interval. This could be
particularly important in video surveillance, alarm mode.

Now we would like to communicate with those servers securely from one main
computer, but also inhabitants would like to have secure access to their
coresponding server (from inside and also from Internet).

Se we seek for security for remote surveillance/maintain purposes from our
main center and also secure access from individual inhabitants that would
like to control/access their building - whereever they are situated.

Any further guidance in this direction would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance,



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