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Re: [suse-security] Vacation and out of office autoresponders

Armin Schoech wrote:

>Hi Carlos,
>> I got not less than 5 autoresponses from vacation type programs for a
>> single message I posted to this list, on the "Execute a SSH command"
>> thread. Is that the normal behaviour normal here?
>--> unfortunately, this seems to get more common these days on
> suse-security. Most of the times I try to forward these kind of
> auto-replies or error messages to suse-security-owner and ask them to
> remove these addresses from the mailinglist. And I seldom get the same
> vacation message twice, at least.

I know of several companies that have configured their firewalls 
so the "Vacation and out of office" don't go beyond their
corporate boundaries.  

It is knd of like cancelling your newspaper before you go on vaction,
you don't want everybody to know you have left town.


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