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[suse-security] kernel update oddity on 9.0 Professional

I've noticed a peculiarity the last couple of times I tried to update the
kernel of my two SuSE 9.0 Pro machines via Yast. 

Yast indicated that a kernel update was available, and downloaded it; but
also advised me I needed to reboot after the update because the kernel might
need to probe for hardware. Not necessarily a problem, but it worried me a
bit, because I've never gotten this message on any of my previous kernel
updates through YaST. I also got a message warning me to run
/sbin/SuSEffective (which as far as I can tell isn't installed on either of
my SuSE computers.)

I would be less worried about all this except for the problems people have
been reporting on this listserv with recent kernel updates. Did anyone else
see these messages? If so, did you run into problems after running the


Mike Watson