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Re: [suse-security] SuSE webserver

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I don't see the need for 7 partitions, if you use journaling.

For /tmp, use a tmpfs:

none on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,size=2G,nr_inodes=200k,mode=01777)

I use a 2G tmpfs with a 2G swap and 768M physical ram.  I'm a gentoo
user, and even compile stuff on this (it helps by anywhere from 0-10%),
so it should be appropriate for your uses :)

This leaves:


I've never seen the /sbin/init.d thing, but I'm wary of separate /etc.

/usr and /usr/local I'd think could be the same; if you break the
system, you have to do a full reinstall anyway to rewrite the binaries,
even though you could keep your configuration.

I'm just being skeptic above, of course.  :)

Tom Knight wrote:
|>-----Original Message-----
|>From: Flavius Porumb [mailto:flavius.porumb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
|>Sent: 13 July 2004 08:39
|>To: suse-security@xxxxxxxx
|>Subject: [suse-security] SuSE webserver
|>I found something that may interest some of you,
|>good luck,
|>      Security (Beginner): Secure Installation of Apache Web Server
|>      Posted by hakimkt Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 08:11 PM CEST
| Fantastic HOWTO, well done HakimKT (whoever you are), and thanks to
| for posting it.
| So, what are the problems with this approach?
| I haven't seen anything absolutely terrible, but I'm no guru...
| * I wouldn't install any ftp server at all, as I just don't go for ftp and
| I'm lucky in that my users don't generally need it...
| * Portmap is installed by default (on SLES), so I remove it.
| Tom.
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