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Re: [suse-security] SuSE webserver

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 02:12 am, Tom Knight wrote:
> Okay, FTP server of choice - Hakim's document mentions using proftpD.
> Is this really more secure than all the mainstrain alternatives?
> I've gone (where possible) for RPMs maintained by SuSE, and proftp
> isn't one of them. On SLES, the choice appears to be:
> ?pure-ftpd?1.0.12      ?Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server
> ?vsftpd   ?1.1.0       ?A Very Secure FTP Daemon - written from scratch.

You'd be better off with Samba, IMHO.

But as far as ProFTPD there were a couple of security flaw in a row
and that was enough to freak SuSE, and it stopped being offered 
after 8.2.  

Pure-FPTd is offered, (and it just had a security flaw, so no doubt
SuSE will bolt from that one too ;-)

Profptd's big advantage is flexibility of configurations, with a 
syntax for setting directories and permissions similar to a 
web server, it makes offering disjoint portions of the file system
easier.  I like it, I use it, but on my 9.x machines I'm going with
what SuSE offers, just because security issues are taken
care of in one place.

John Andersen

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