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Re: [suse-security] openvpn and SuSEfirewall

* Kaiser, Hans; <r_2@xxxxxx> on 23 Jul, 2004 wrote:
Well it can do the routing if you set the following to yes
# Do you want to allow routing between interfaces of the same class
# (e.g. between all internet interfaces, or all internal network
# interfaces)
# be default (so without the need setting up FW_FORWARD definitions)?
# Choice: "yes" or "no", defaults to "no"


thanks for the answers!
Are there any security concerns if setting FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING="yes" ?

Not that I see ( note that does not mean it does note exist) since it
only allows routing of the packets between the same class meaning if you
have two devices for FW_DEV_INT then the routing between these two is
allowed if you look at the script (around line 1595)

test "$FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING" = yes && {
   for DEV1 in $FW_DEV_INT; do
       for DEV2 in $FW_DEV_INT; do
           test "$DEV1" = "$DEV2" || {
               $LAA $IPTABLES -A forward_int -j LOG
${LOG}"-ACCEPT-CLASS "  -i $DEV1 -o $DEV2
               $IPTABLES -A forward_int -j "$ACCEPT" -i $DEV1 -o $DEV2


It checks for FW_DEV_DMZ and FW_DEV_EXT also to see if there are more
then one devices.
Your other alternative is to define FW_FORWARD where you can define
which ports are allowed to be forwarded to the other network.

Hope this helps
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