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[suse-security] Re: Problem with Windows Network Neighborhood and Linux

1 )Yes, there was an automated Windows-Update for XP at the beginning of
this week. However, if this was responsible for my network problems,
shouldn´t there be an uproar because others have the same kind of trouble ?
I don´t believe my setup is that rare.
There are Personal Firewalls installed on most computers, but there hasn´t
been any change during the last few weeks.

2) I don´t know that much about Windows Networking, I kinda inherited this
network, which means I am a little out of my depth. I always thought that
Windows used my Linux-based DNS to do name resolution (which works fine,
btw). So, what exactly is a Master Browser and how do I find out which of my
machines is it ?

3) From my Windows PC, I can ping other Windows boxes both by IP and name.
nbtstat -r yields only a few of  my machines.

4) I captured the network traffic coming from my machine when opening the
Neighborhood. What is it supposed to look like ? Does anybody know a good
how-to on the net where I can find info on Windows Networking ?

Thanks for the help,


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