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Re: [suse-security] Banning dynamic IPs (Was: *SPAM* Tuerkei in die EU)


The Monday 2005-05-23 at 08:21 -0300, Ariel Sabiguero Yawelak wrote:

> Carlos E. R. wrote:
> > If IP v6 were in general use, all IPs could be fixed for the same price.
> > ISPs could assign an IP to a client or to a phone number, and make
> > identification easier. After all, fighting spam depends a lot on
> > traceability.
> > 
> > 
> I don't think that. Traceability is one part, but I think that money is the
> most important part. I will analyze money below, but I will first argue about
> IPv6 and privacy.

... cut

> I don't think that you would really like that your company's accountant
> personal home IP address is public to your competitors.... Internet security
> is not mature enough for this (will it ever be?).

You have a good point there, didn't think of it. 

On the other hand, fixed IP makes life easier for services like... voice 
over IP, for example, or transferring files without email, direct. We could 
transfer email or data direct, from computer to computer, without using 
the ISP relay. More private. Arguable, of course... a scanner would pick 
the transfer, anyway.

And those services can be used with the help of dynamic domains like 
dyndsn and the like.

> In the end, I think that we have spam because people need spam and spammers
> can get money out of sending spam!

Add to that that there is not a unified law, and an international police, 
or at least, working cooperation amongst the existent police forces, to 
really find out slammers and suing them for good. 


> Why it is every day more and more difficult (impossible!?) to get clothes,
> nice ones, but without becoming a walking advertisement?
> Check your own clothes and see if even your own person is not used for selling
> and advertising....

Not me, I rip the labels X-)

> There are other nasty and "spammy" acts like the footers inserted by ISP on
> the bottom of e-mails. I have even seen some in this list too!

Mmm. Their users are told in advance of that usage, as a condition for 
free (as in gratis) use of their email service.

> In the end, I think that the day people stop buying that, spam will desapair
> alone.

Unworkable, I'm afraid.

> In the mean time, it is a very challenging race betwen spam-creators and
> spam-fighters.....
> The fact is: spam sells and produces money.

True. Mind you, I don't object very much to receiving commercials from bona 
fide businesses. If they are serious and honest, I can really opt out, or 
filter them out easily, as they use real addresses. The problem is with 
not so "legal" businesses, using faked addresses and are probably scams and 
all sorts of "bad things".

       Carlos Robinson

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