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Re: [suse-security] OpenOffice_org1-1.1.3-4.2 released TWICE (?)

On Mon, May 23, 2005 at 08:55:35PM +0200, pelibali wrote:
> Hi,
> I couldn't find a logical explanation, maybe someone could help me to
> understand the situation:
> Last month the youpdated version '1.1.3-4.2' of OpenOffice_org1 was
> released and few days ago '1.1.3-4.3' appeared on the mirrors.
> Until this point everything seems be fine, but while comparing the
> .spec files of the above source rpms, interestingly only a single
> line, containing the version numbers differs in them.
> Is there an explanation to release the same YOU update actually twice
> with different version numbers or do I miss something?

The first one was marked as "security" and can only be used if you
already installed OpenOffice_org1, the second one is "optional" and
can be installed everytime.

Basically for allowing installation of OpenOffice_org1 via YOU.

There is no other change.

Ciao, Marcus

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