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Re: [suse-security] Bad MD5 & GPG on XFree86 SRC

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Bob Vickers wrote:
> It looks OK to me. I have checked a fresh download and one I downloaded
> some time ago and both are the same:
> # md5sum XFree86-
> 84ff8faf14323791622af3b5642277bf  XFree86-
     Thanks for posting the MD5 hash for it, Bob.  I should have done
that as well.  Mine turned out to have a different hash than yours, so I
downloaded it again.  This time, it had the above hash and the GPG
signature was good.
     I don't know why the ones I downloaded from the main SuSE FTP site
and one of the mirrors was giving me the "MD5 GPG NOT OK" error.  It
was the only package that day out of several that I had downloaded that
gave any errors.
     Thanks again.

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