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[suse-security] VPS & Firewall problem

Hello everyone!

I've got a burning problem with my VPS running under SuSE with Plesk.
Well... I've tried to configure firewall thru YaST tool and I
configured sth badly cause I lost access to my server. No problem, I
though cause I still could switch to Repair Mode with Plesk... so I
But the problem is, that when I'm changing anything while under Repair
Mode, after restart all changes are changing back to old/bad ones :/

I've tried to edit /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 or even delete firwall
script from /init.d/ with no effect - files are returning after

My question is:
Could someone please tell me how to turn off this damn SuSEfirewall
and configure firewall in future only thru iptables ?

 Marek Mikuliszyn

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