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[suse-security] patch.rpm vs .rpm in updating

    Hello list,

  I've recently set up SuSE 10.0 on a laptop and a PC. First the laptop, I ran 
the online update, but chose to remove the packages after the update. Then I 
realised I will also need to update the PC once the installation there 
completes, so I downloaded the relevant ".patch.rpm"s from a mirror. I 
conveniently placed them into the /var/lib/YaST/you/mnt/<.....> directory so 
YOU could find them.

  Well, during the online update, it didn't, and *then* I realised it 
downloads the full RPM packages during the update.

  The following questions arise:
  A) why download the full RPM, from what I read, the patch RPM does the same, 
but to an installed package?
  B) I renamed the .patch.rpm's to .rpm's, and YOU actually consumed that just 
fine. But, referring to A), does that actually have the same effect as 
installing a full RPM as YOU does?

  I would be grateful for any pointers, thank you!

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