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Re: [suse-security] Web Server Security

Ludwig Nussel wrote:

Markus Gaugusch wrote:
Does anyone think, that it makes sense to let have /bin/bash the following permissions?
-rwx---r-x  1 root www 490716 Sep  9 18:12 /bin/bash

With that setting, anyone exploiting the webserver could not execute /bin/bash (if course the same permissions could also be applied to /bin).

Has anyone ever tried this? Does it break things? Did I find something cool? ;-)

I like it :-) It's not a real protection though. Especially not
against an attacker that spends time to break into your system. It
might help as quick workaround in situations where a hole is not
fixed yet against script kiddies or worms that cannot adapt to such

For that, removal of wget(1) is probably more useful.
Does YOU work even without wget?


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