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RE: [suse-security] OT: X Server with cygwin. Was Re:[suse-security] safety with scp

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> Subject: [suse-security] OT: X Server with cygwin. Was
> Re:[suse-security] safety with scp

> .... From then on,
> i use a regular user, but with administration rights, though (company
> policy). Administrator user can launch X server, but not any other
> user (at this point, i really miss the su - linux capability).

Running as an admin user... and people wonder why Windows boxes have
security problems ;-) Not having a go at *you*, but at people in various
departments I work with who insist they need to run as administrator.

I know what you mean about lack of "su" - here's one way to get round it:
I run XP as a Restricted user.
In Start -> Run I have "runas /user:[administrative user name] cmd"
I get a prompt for a password and then I have a command promt running as

If you need to use GUI tools you can drag and drop them into this command
prompt. Doesn't work for all parts of the control panel but you can get what
you need if you try long enough. If I was a Windows whizz it's be much


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