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Re: [suse-security] OT: X Server with cygwin. Was Re:[suse-security] safety with scp


> Running as an admin user... and people wonder why Windows boxes have
> security problems ;-) Not having a go at *you*, but at people in various
> departments I work with who insist they need to run as administrator.

je je, i know what you mean. Point is that my company gave the laptop
´as is´, with the user created, and a lotus notes profile for such

> I know what you mean about lack of "su" - here's one way to get round it:
> I run XP as a Restricted user.
> In Start -> Run I have "runas /user:[administrative user name] cmd"
> I get a prompt for a password and then I have a command promt running as
> root^H^H^H^Hadministrator

I am using w2k... this is, i cannot use that revolutionary and cutting
edge technology to switch user in the middle of a sesion :-( ;-)

> If you need to use GUI tools you can drag and drop them into this command
> prompt. Doesn't work for all parts of the control panel but you can get what
> you need if you try long enough. If I was a Windows whizz it's be much
> faster.

I might upgrade to WXP, but not sure if it is worth of it.


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