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Re: [suse-security] safety with scp

Fred Morris wrote:
A low-tech alternative: why be complicated when you don't need to?

You are not running ssh at the moment. Do you send and receive e-mail while
on the road? Can you/do you run a mailserver?

Set up a special account and allow it to receive e-mail from anywhere, but
use procmail to filter so that everything which is not sent by you and/or
doesn't fit some profile of the messages containing images is discarded.
There are mail-based authentication techniques as well, if you feel a need
to go that far rather than simply sifting through the accumulated messags
when you return home.


Fred Morris

hm, that's to complecated,
I shoot gig's (for those whom it might be of interest: I shoot raw)of images so mailing is not an option, so I am looking for something like ftp but more secure, so that's why I wanted to secure the server to do winscp by the internet.(upload them to my site)

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