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[suse-security] LPRng with kerberos authentication

Hi all!

Management is forcing me to use LPRng with kerberos authentication in order to 
print my documents. Right now I'm using CUPS, with some lpr configuration. 
However, it seems as if the lprng rpm packet (SUSE 9.3) is not compiled with 
kerberos support. Can someone verify this?

Is it possible to solve this situation without compiling my own lprng with 
kerberos support? I googled, but i couldn't find any lprng-rpm for SUSE 9.3 
with kerberos. Is it the same for SUSE 10? One option is of course to upgrade 
if it solves this problem.

Hopefully some of you can help me, otherwise I'll just have to compile my own 

Kind regards,
Mats Folke

Avd. System och interaktion      Div. of Systems and Interaction
Inst. för Systemteknik           Dept. of Computer Science
                                 and Electrical Engineering
Luleå tekniska universitet       Luleå University of Technology
tel: 0920 49 3065                telephone: +46 920 493065

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