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Re: [suse-security] How do I encrypt the swap (partition[s]) under SuSE 9.3 Prof ?

Carlos E. R. wrote:
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The Friday 2005-11-18 at 02:26 +0100, miguel gmail wrote:

Sorry to break the thread... but, what's the point to encrypt the swap?

Thinking aloud [.....] a swap device might be readable by some users, while the system is running. Lets see, mine has permissions:

brw-rw----  1 root disk 3, 9 2005-10-07 02:48 /dev/hda9

Actually, the swap is on the hard drive, thus I suspect that there may be data retained on it even after a reboot, although I'm not sure of this. I don't know if the kernel purges the swap on shutdown or reboot, but somehow I doubt that is the case.

Until later, Geoffrey

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